Together supports radio’s UK Music Week

Together Design has created a brand identity for commercial radio’s inaugural UK Music Week, a promotion to encourage the development of next generation musical talent.

The group was briefed to create a visual identity that could be applied across the entire commercial radio network, which encompasses channels whose playlists range from classical to rock to middle-of-the-road pop. According to Together Design director Katja Thielen, a key challenge was to create an identity that would be relevant across all these genres and could be incorporated into publicity material produced by the stations. ‘The biggest thing was to be inclusive,’ she says.

‘We showed some routes that had a rock or classic focus, but in the end went with a very modern solution that’s not too niche and doesn’t focus on one genre in particular. We wanted to reflect both the diversity of the [audience] and diversity of the music.’

The logo features a palette of six ‘vibrant’ colours, from which each station can select the palette it prefers.

The consultancy has also created a series of posters and brand guidelines and the identity is being applied to a website,, designed in-house by the Radio Advertising Bureau.

UK Music Week takes place from 24 April to 1 May across UK commercial radio stations.

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