6 December 2007

Card trick

Designers worried about the current enthusiasm for DIY design being driven by print-on-demand and social networks should take heart from Moo, an initiative that draws on aspects of both, but

Palace revolution

Back in 1999, Nike Town opened its doors in London, epitomising the decade’s obsession with brand and bringing with it the advent of retail as brand experience rather than mere

Design input for Innovation Review

The role that design will play in the Government’s first Innovation Review is under discussion again this week. Minister of State for Science and Innovation Ian Pearson has drafted in

Boxer plans to open offices in North America

Birmingham-based design consultancy Boxer is to expand internationally, with plans for offices in Chicago and Toronto by March 2008.At the same time, Paul Castledine, former group creative director, has been

Be clear about what you do

We all know that, as an industry, those of us in marketing communications are particularly adept at confusing our clients. I don’t mean the tendencies to lapse into business school-speak,


The hand-drawn, other-worldly aesthetic of Rob Lowe has won him a diverse mix of commissions, from Christmas cards to album covers. Lydia Fulton talks to the graphic artist who works

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