Strategy for AMP Oval on Agenda

Agenda opens its innings next week on the design stage of a brand strategy project for the AMP Oval, home of Surrey Country Cricket Club and an international Test arena.

A research phase with stakeholders concludes this week with the aim of creating a ‘business brand’ for the AMP Oval. SCCC marketing manager Anna Groves wants the ground to act as a year-round corporate hospitality and conferencing venue.

‘We’re not looking to change the logos, but to enhance their presentation and what they mean to people,’ says Groves.

Agenda is advising on the relationship between the SCCC identity – an historic badge featuring the Prince of Wales’ feathers – and the AMP Oval’s graphical representation. Over the next three years, a consistent visual language will be applied to a variety of elements from print and signage to on-line.

Agenda director Paul Davis adds, ‘Currently, there’s no hierarchy or emphasis in how the brands are used.

‘We need to develop some clarity and focus about when and how the business brand is used.’

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