I’m not in Loooove… so don’t forrrget it.

I’m not in Loooove… so don’t forrrget it.

Well actually, in our case, we are. Which is why, among other horrors, I mention 10cc. It’s a particularly sadistic company that deliberately exposes itself to painful 1970s revisionism (I’m writing on a wave of ELO-fuelled euphoria). But, among many other unexpected benefits, this ‘investment’ brings you face-to-face with some particularly hip-looking promotional material, which kind of floats around in the collective ether of Love.

So when a rather large mobile phone content provider appointed us to deliver a national press campaign, our minds couldn’t help but think of a room filled with fashionably dressed hipsters. No, make that a room filled with fashionably dressed hipsters all chatting on mobiles.

‘How dare you,’ I hear you scream. ‘That’s awfully similar to Hipgnosis’ classic artwork for 10cc’s gatefold album How Dare You.’ Well, it seemed only natural to pay homage to their surrealist inspiration, but with a delicate 21st century twist.

A rip off? How dare we, indeed…

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