Tesco design head’s exit spurs change

Tesco has appointed a new design director, following the departure of retail planning director Paul Etgart this week. Etgart is setting up his own consultancy.

Andy Dewhurst, formerly trading director of fresh foods for the supermarket chain, will take over all responsibility for design from Etgart. Dewhurst’s new title is design director but he says the appointment doesn’t signal any “radical changes” in the way design is managed by Tesco.

“I’ll be taking over responsibility for all design elements, including building, fixtures and fittings and branding,” says Dewhurst. “This means there will be a fresh pair of eyes looking at design.”

Etgart will continue working with Tesco as a consultant. He will be responsible for “keeping Tesco abreast of all that is new in retail design world-wide and for advising on the aesthetics of store design and image”, says a Tesco spokesman.

“I’ve been working with Tesco for 34 years, and it’s an amicable departure,” says Etgart. “I’m leaving so I can concentrate on the things that I do best – finding new ideas around the world and developing them.”

Etgart’s new consultancy is called The Retail Planning and Innovations Company. The consultancy will not be appointing designers “for the moment” says Etgart, but consultancy RPA Europe is closely involved and Etgart will use its design and planning resources. The venture will be based at RPA’s offices in London.

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