Event celebrates Irish culture

London museum and exhibition specialist Event Communications has been commissioned to create the interiors for a new venue in Manchester, which presents a history of Irish emigrants.

The Irish World Heritage Centre is due to open in Cheetham at the end of 2002 as part of a local urban regeneration programme. The venue will house a variety of attractions, including a museum, social and leisure centre, education facilities, exhibition galleries, a library, theatre, restaurants and accommodation.

In addition to exploring the contributions made to Ireland, the centre will address the achievements made by the 70m-strong Irish community worldwide, with particular focus on Britain, the US and Australia. A collection of objects, photographs and documentation will be included to add to the appeal of the IWHC.

Event research and marketing director Cel Phelan, herself a Dubliner, says: “We plan to capture not only the energy, passion and creativity of each community but also the very glue that binds all of them together – at home, work, play, making music or poetry, in church, in parliament and in the pub.”

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