Product and interactive design consultancy Hollington has worked on ten design exhibits, both installations and interactive. It also acted as intermediatory between The Science Museum’s overall design concept and the numerous digital media consultancies involved, deciding which bloid should house which exhibit. ‘It was important that all the exhibits looked like a whole,’ says Tory Dunn, head of interactive design at Hollington. ‘They had to be briefed by the same source and with the same language.’

Hollington designed Sonic Manipulator, a large scale installation which allows sound to be recorded, transformed and transferred to a personal Web page. Chips Inside is another installation, inspired by airport security and featuring a conveyor belt laden with household objects to be X-rayed. For the Who am I gallery, Hollington designed Terrortron, an interactive exhibition exploring what happens to the brain when faced with terror and disgust. While the right hand is placed within a ‘box of horrors’, the left hand is connected to a ‘terrormetre’ which registers the pulse’s reaction.

Oops test looks at the brain’s capacity for sustained attention and through a driving game, exhorts the user to readjust distorted reality. Staying alive, meanwhile, offers a series of hypothetical lifestyle choices to lengthen human life. The cartoon-style design combines scientific knowledge with entertainment.

Design direction: Tory Dunn, Geoff Hollington

Exhibitions designed by Hollington. Clockwise from left: Terrortron; Chips Inside; Staying Alive; Oops Test; Console for Sonic Manipulator

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