Mr Kipling stems decline with redesign

Mr Kipling sales have slowed their decline since a second packaging redesign was introduced in January, food company RHM has reported.

Sales fell by 8 per cent in the six months to April, with almost no decline for the final two months, following the launch of packaging by Vibrandt. In the first half of the same financial year, which featured the more upmarket Turner Duckworth-designed packs, Mr Kipling sales of the cakes fell by 14.1 per cent.

According to Investec Securities food producer analyst David Lang, the figures show a slow turning of the corner for a brand that has substantial influence on RHM’s share price. ‘A connection with the consumer is being re-established, but they’re not going to turn it around on a sixpence. They tried to lift Mr Kipling upmarket and left the core market behind,’ he says.

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