Proud wins pitch to revamp idents for S4C

Welsh language channel S4C has appointed Proud to handle its rebranding, following a five-way paid creative pitch.The design fees for the project are understood to be worth around the £0.5m mark.

Proud was selected by S4C’s recently appointed creative consultant Dylan Griffith, the former creative director of Departures Design, who oversaw an OJEU tender that raised 40 expressions of interest from diverse creative groups.

Five specialist screen design groups were shortlisted and given a paid creative brief by Griffith, who also conducted mid-pitch consultations half way through with each one.

‘We were keen to meet up with them all again after a month, just to make sure everyone was on track with their work and to keep the project on a human footing. It was useful to be able to offer some initial guidance and cultural insight, and I would certainly do it again. Some teams showed us quite advanced work and others just showed us ideas,’ he says.

Proud was finally appointed to handle the ‘wholesale rebrand’ on the back of a new programming strategy that was launched in July 2004. The results will go live in early 2007.

‘This is not about looking at the current idents,’ Griffith adds. ‘We started with the view to create the best TV branding in the world.’

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