There are no delays with the wayfinding strategy for London

Contrary to the impression given in Design Week (News, 22 June), the wayfinding strategy for central London is very much on track – with no delays or disagreements in sight.

The journey began some time ago when the findings of the first study of how people can be encouraged to walk more through better signage were assessed by Central London Partnership and local authorities, and given, in principle, support.

There is a significant difference between a study and a detailed process that can lead to a system being implementable. Therefore, we are concentrating our initial discussions with our key implementation partners before rolling out the strategy to a wider consultation.

Nonetheless, the proposal is on course and will deliver significant benefits to London’s street environment, transport system, image and economy, not to mention public health and safety. Watch this space.

Patricia Brown, Chief executive, Central London Partnership, London W1

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