AllofUs redesigns Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s education platform

Digital teaching and eduction platform Generation Global has been rebuilt and redesigned with new learning and teaching tools.

The new platform

AllofUs has redesigned the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s education platform Generation Global overhauling the way it operates as a digital service.

Generation Global – which was known as Face to Faith – is a global education programme, which connects 12-17 year-old students around the world and provides them with a range of ways to debate online.

AllofUs has given the platform a new infrastructure and a set of tools for students and teachers, which are designed to help the initiative grow globally.

Teachers given a better insight

The tools for both learning and teaching have been redeveloped. Teachers can now track their students’ online activity, download teaching resources, access an interactive calendar of topics and video conferences, and monitor students dialogue levels.

Since its foundation in 2009 Generation Global has worked with more than 180,000 students in 30 countries.

The new platform
The new platform

One of the main drivers for the programme is building students’ resilience to religious conflict and extremism through helping young people develop an open-minded approach to the views of their global peers.

Analysing student behaviour

The redesigned platform has been designed with millenials in mind so AllofUs has looked at the different behaviours of students around the world to help develop the new offer.

The new site allows students to practice skills of dialogue and critical thinking learned in the classroom with their peers from around the world and exposes them to other cultural and religious perspectives in a format that is “exciting and easy to use,” according to AllofUs creative director Ricardo Amorim.

The co-design process

To appeal to millenials and to understand how they behave online, Amorim says: “We ran a series of co-creation workshops with students from around the world to design a solution that taps into behaviours from social and messaging platforms.”

On the new platform can communicate more easily in a specially designed forum says Amorim who adds “It’s easier for students to give each other constructive feedback now and this is shared to students and teachers.”

For the teachers he says “the dashboard is much more simple and they can see the quality of the dialogue that an individual is having and that the school as a whole is having.”

The co-design process
The co-design process


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