Apricot Morning

Red Design has completed sleeve work for Brighton-based artist Quantic’s latest album, Apricot Morning. The artwork is inspired by the ‘psychadelic edge’ to the music and the Beatle-esque quality of the album title, according to Red Design partner Hamish Makgill. Makgill and joint partner Ed Templeton worked together on the design, and passed the work between them at different stages – a departure from their usual working process, says Makgill. The result is a more relaxed and ‘atmospheric and illustrative’ piece of work, he adds. The album, which will be released by Tru Thoughts Recordings on 24 June, is the artist’s second and is an eclectic mix of funk, new jazz and new soul breaks says Makgill. Red Design also created the sleevework for Quantic’s first album 5th Exotic.

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