Girls 4 Football identity hits Form

Form has designed an identity and logo for Girls 4 Football, the football merchandising company aimed at women, which launched this week.

Form has worked with Girls 4 Football since its inception and has taken shares in the company as part of its remuneration package. The consultancy’s work includes illustrations, corporate font and website,, in addition to the visual identity.

Girls 4 Football managing director Claire Phillips says the consultancy was briefed to deliver an identity that combined the passions of fashion and football in a contemporary and feminine way.

‘We want the identity to have a streetwear feel about it, a bit of an edge,’ she says. ‘We’re dedicated to girls who are into football and the inverted football logo has a feminine feel that we really like.’

Form partner Paul West says the consultancy was aiming for a witty, irreverent look, ‘just the right side of kitsch’.

Girls 4 Football targets women aged 16-25 with clothing and accessories that use football team strips as their inspiration.

The company launched with eight items of clothing based around the England strip and a second-phase launch is planned at the start of the English season when Premiership teams will be represented.

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  • happy mogotlane November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    i want to play football..any club available.i am a good footballer but dont have a club at the moment

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