Pharmacy at Tate Modern in need of medication

I recently went to Tate Modern and saw Pharmacy, a display by Damien Hirst. Having been to the restaurant of the same name, I was dismayed to see that this was the sum total of Hirst’s artistic contribution to a wonderful Gallery.

There are so many genuine artists, whose work fails to be recognised by anyone, and for me this was totally self-indulgent and not ‘honest art’. If a nameless artist placed some meat on a shelf and called it ‘butcher’, everyone would laugh. However, if the artist in question had an established name, then apparently this display would be called ‘art’.

I was very disappointed with this section and, as an artist myself, I think the powers that be are selling themselves short. I have seen many fabulous artists, whose work would take your breath away.

I feel that Tate Modern has an obligation to the public to give us the best of what there is and not allow the egos of the established few to makes fools of us.

Modern art is one thing, the modern ego is another.

Faran Lodhi

Interior Architect


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