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When the England team left for Japan they took with them a goodie bag including £4000 worth of designer luggage, laptops, CD players and Paul Smith cufflinks. What from the world of design would you have included, and why?

‘I first thought a pack of Lucky Strike, but then I thought they should have Philippe Starck’s Juicy Salif lemon squeezer for those personalised half-time oranges, but I had visions of David Beckham and crew calling a team meeting to ask Sven what it was. I finally decided on a pot of Mr Lee’s noodles to soak up the lagers during the game.’

Rod Petrie, Director, Design Bridge

‘A gold-plated turbo-charged bicycle pump, for the following reasons: 1. When their balls need air; 2. If their over-inflated egos need a top up; 3. Fixing punctures on their Ferrari’s outside local nightspots in the early hours, without having to call the local AA and hence alerting the UK press; 4. To put air in their inflatable crocodiles for lounging in the pool while watching the final on Korean TV; 5. To blow up a Sven Goran Eriksson inflatable dummy to face the irate UK press when it’s all over.’

Jim Hamilton, Designer, Graven Images

‘To remind the team that some of them will be playing FC Gdansk Hoover Suction Pump in the DAF Inter Toto Euro Cup Winners Cup Shield next season, I’d pack some design classics that had great expectations, but somehow failed to change the world: 1. The Austin Allegro Vanden Plas steering wheel; 2. A BSB ‘squariel’ Beautiful. (PS: If England win the World Cup I’ll personally go and buy a mustard Austin Allegro – someone remind me.’

James Acton, Head of design, Poulter Partners

‘A portable Shiatsu massage chair from Neal’s Yard would be good. David Seaman will need a series of adjustments to deal with the back stress from picking the ball out of the net or maybe a bag of home-grown carrots for Blackpool beach donkey Sol Campbell sure you get the gist.’

Robin Richmond, Chief operating officer, Metadesign

‘Despite the optimism, I can’t help thinking of them as a team of walking wounded. To help them through this difficult time, I’d send Guy Robinson’s carbon-fibre crutches. As they recuperate, they should read Andy Miller’s Tilting at Windmills: How I tried to stop worrying and love sport. Illumination would have to be provided by Rainer Spehl and Martino Gamper’s Coming Home lights.’

Sorrel Hershberg, Design promotion project manager, British Council

‘Great, they have high-tech electronic stuff to blurt out music to help them relax and focus when playing in the “zone”. Thinking of resting their metatarsals between matches I would include the classic reclining Eames 670 chair, with matching foot stool. At the time it was the Eameses’ most construc

tionally complex chair and their first design in the luxury market. I guess even Beckham would approve.’

Lou Cameron, Freelance brand identity consultant

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