DBA selection service to start later this year

The Design Business Association is to launch a consultancy selection service for clients, but is keen to avoid any hint of “jobs for the boys”.

Outline proposals penned by DBA board members Barry Salter and Paul King were discussed at a board meeting last week (DW 28 February).

Salter, chairman of Design in Action, says: “It is moving ahead. Decisions are yet to be made on how we are going to do it and the cost structures. But we are determined to provide [the service] and believe DBA members want it.”

Making the process of advising clients “even handed, very fair and open” is a key priority, says Salter, who adds that there is still “a fair amount of detail to be worked out”. He maintains: “The clients must make the choices.”

The service is likely to be up and running later this year, claims Salter, although he adds: “We won’t be rushing into this.”

Salter and King will continue to pursue the idea. Their investigations will include talking to clients and potential clients about what they want.

Who and how much to charge are up for discussion, says Salter.

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