RNIB guides designers on colour codes

The Royal National Institute for the Blind is to launch guidelines for interior designers, architects and building managers on how to create colour schemes which aid the partially sighted without compromising design quality.

The guidelines, to be launched in May, are the result of a two-year study called Project Rainbow.

The findings of the research aim to shed new light on colour contrast and luminance, and show how they effect those with impaired vision. This includes the results of research by visually impaired people in “real world” tests. Photographic examples of successful interior colour schemes and signage will be included in the final documents.

The project attempts to find colour schemes for public buildings which will aid those with poor vision to find door handles and light switches, for example, yet remain acceptable to designers and those with full vision. The RNIB says that the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act makes such schemes increasingly relevant to many design clients.

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