Stone cold image for Lec fridges

Grey Matter’s product and branding work for Lec Refrigeration, unveiled at domestic appliance show Domotechnica, is going to raise the Lec brand from the low to the middle end of the market, claims the consultancy.

A Grey Matter spokeswoman says the 18-month collaboration between the consultancy and client “has resulted in extensive cultural and product change”.

Lec’s decision in 1995 to invest 30m in a new factory gave the consultancy the opportunity to radically change the design of Lec’s fridges. Research at that stage included buying an average weekly shop and trying to fit it into rivals’ fridges.

The resulting products include features such as an integral handle from top to bottom, designed for people of all heights. Colours include cool shades of green. The bowed-shape door can accommodate a three-litre bottle.

Grey Matter’s work on the Lec brand identity resulted in a 3D pebble which sits in a scoop in the door. Grey Matter creative director Séan O’Flynn says the new range “will set new standards of innovation and market relevance”. The fridges go on sale in July.

See Domotechnica review, page 25.

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