Do Blondes have more fun? Decide for yourself at an exhibition, from 6 March until 26 April, based on Joanna Pitman’s new book of the same name, which celebrates the fair-haired, from glamour to grunge. Venue: Getty Images Gallery, 3 Jubilee Place, London SW3. Exploring architecture as an art form is the aim of Birds […]

Future date

Pack To Go, the second Pira International conference for the latest developments in packaging design and market research, is aimed at clients and packaging designers and takes place on 31 March and 1 April. Contact: www.piranet.com or Jo Stone on jos@pira.co.uk for registration details.

Duo acclimatises to Met Office job

The Met Office is reviewing its branding and positioning as it readies itself for a move to its £80m headquarters, complete with Platform-designed interactive visitor centre, later this year. The national weather forecaster is working with Banc to audit its key relationships against ‘brand behaviours and values’. Met Office brand communications manager Gordon Higgins says, […]

George Lois to release book

Madison Avenue image-maker George Lois is to release a book, $ellebrity: My Angling and Tangling with Famous People, published by Phaidon in April. Lois, who practically invented the modern art of celebrity endorsement, set up his own ad agency, Papert Koenig Lois, in 1960. Two years later, he began designing a series of magazine covers […]

VSO appoints Underwired

International development charity VSO has appointed Underwired as its on-line creative consultancy. The group will create microsites and viral brand-awareness campaigns.

Conran makes a cry for peace

SIR Terence Conran is to write to Prime Minister Tony Blair urging him not to go ahead with military action in Iraq. The move follows an emotional plea by Conran to some 800 delegates at the international Design Indaba conference held in Cape Town, South

It seems you…

It seems you can’t keep Small Japanese Soldier out of the news. The consultancy (for the benefit of Jestico & Whiles’ Tim Ling that’s what it is, not a vegetable or a book) e-mails us to say Paul Kelleher – the bloke who lopped the head off the statue of

Stars on 45’s limited edition 1980s homage

‘We wanted to read something that treated Michael J Fox and Neil Diamond with real affection,’ says Michael Edmonds of 45 Magazine, the fanzine that he and fellow freelance illustrator Mark Beacock produce together in Edinburgh. As if to prove his allegiance to 1980s retro-naff, Edmonds adds that he wrote his college dissertation about Teenwolf. […]

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