Prepare yourself for what goes around coming back

There is a very ironic climate in the design industry at the moment. There has been a noticeable rise in companies advertising jobs stating ‘no agencies’, and design groups seem keen to avoid recruiters phone calls. I will be the first to admit that this is not that unusual.

The main reason for such strategic avoidance measures are the premium costs involved in using a recruitment agency (I hasten to add that these costs have been coming down consistently over the past 18 months, not going up).

However the people who are quick to close the door on a recruiter are the very same people who are at the front of the candidate queue when they’ve fallen victim to tough times.

If design groups were to lighten up a bit and entertain a handful of recruiters when looking for new staff, in parallel with running an ad, then would we not avoid the everdecreasing circles that recruiters, candidates and consultancies go round in when job hunting?

Peter Cook

Senior recruitment consultant

Mac Recruitment

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