Stars on 45’s limited edition 1980s homage

‘We wanted to read something that treated Michael J Fox and Neil Diamond with real affection,’ says Michael Edmonds of 45 Magazine, the fanzine that he and fellow freelance illustrator Mark Beacock produce together in Edinburgh. As if to prove his allegiance to 1980s retro-naff, Edmonds adds that he wrote his college dissertation about Teenwolf.

Issue five is a loving assemblage of fake film posters, Graham Coxon tributes, anti-Kylie rants, Mark Knopfler worship and line drawings (pictured). The lads churn out around a hundred copies of each edition, which are distributed via Magma in London and Manchester, Pussy in Brighton and Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket gallery.

Every one comes with a specially selected single, hand picked from charity shops – we received a copy of Prefab Sprout’s Johnny Johnny.

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