Abbreviated research will confuse everyone

I was taken aback to read the piece on the London Contemporary Orchestra’s new identity and its intention to use ‘LCO’. In the article Muireann Sheahan stated that she didn’t feel that there would be any confusion between the London Contemporary Orchestra and the London Chamber Orchestra because the latter ‘never really abbreviate their name’. I don’t know what 300million stands for but it’s not eyes, because when it comes to research they walk around blindfolded.

LCO (the original) has been LCO for the past two decades, since I created their identity back in 1988 when ‘LCO’ was an important part of the design strategy. I am still very much involved (Dempsey’s designs pictured above). For the members of 300million I say had you gone down to St John’s Smith Square over the past decade you would have seen LCO (the original) performing their hearts out under the skillful baton of conductor Christopher Warren-Green.

You could think that this new orchestra is hanging onto the coat tails of LCO’s success. Either way, it will just confuse audiences, musicians, and the classical musical industry alike.

Mike Dempsey, Studio Dempsey, London EC1

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