Parent charities search for a supportive identity

Two leading charities are seeking design groups to create a corporate identity, prior to a proposed merger later this year. The National Stepfamily Association and Parentline plan to merge in the autumn, with the aim of creating a forward-thinking charity dedicated to supporting and advising parents. Both existing charities will be retained as sub-brands under […]


Glanbia Andrew McCrum says: Sound symbolism is linked to a long held theory from psycholinguistics called Cohort Theory. This states that the beginning of words which sound like the beginnings of other words are associated with those words during retrieval from the mental lexicon. This is thought to be one way in which analogy works. […]


‘Most organic products are presented as “good-for-you-but-shame-about-the-taste”,’ says Adrian Whitefoord, creative partner at Pemberton & Whitefoord. The consultancy has attempted to move the sector into a more appealing mode with its new packaging for Crucial Organic Crisps, made by Free Natural. The range comes in brightly coloured foil packs, featuring ‘anarchic’ characters. Confectionery and soft […]

Implementation is key to a successful scheme

Increasingly we see interior design consultancies and divisions pulling away from implementation, as witnessed by Revolution’s recent decision, “We don’t want to get… implementation work” (DW 23 April). How, I wonder, do consultancies see their brand concepts working once they have drawn the pretty pictures. Surely the key to the work is implementing it and […]


South African design and architecture consultancy KSDP Design has created a ‘piazza’ format car dealership for Volkswagen Group. Located in Hatfield, Pretoria, the dealership has been developed to suit the conditions of the South African market. Adapted from an existing architectural model, it is the first time the piazza format has been used outside VW’s […]

Internet design is about more than economy

I was depressed to read your Internet design feature (DW 30 April). Unsurprisingly it took the standard anti-plug-in/ anti-frames/ anti-effort position championing banal “designs” existing solely for the benefit of the “lowest bandwidth”, “least web savvy”, “most outdated PC” user. High traffic at all costs. This means bigger banner charges, more profits, do nothing that […]

Travel Inn on a corporate edge

Leading hotel chain Travel Inn has launched a new logo and rebranded the company in an effort to develop the UK market, after research found that its identity was “cold and unwelcoming”. Designed by Corporate Edge, the new moon and star logo will be applied to all signs, stationery, literature, website guide and uniforms across […]

Irish odyssey for The Attik

The Attik has been appointed to develop branding for a Belfast science centre based at Odyssey, a new riverside retail and leisure complex. Currently under construction, the development will also feature a sports stadium and retail outlets. It is being developed by a new body, The National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland, and has […]

Design scope for interactive TV

WH Smith Abbey National and Going Places are set to launch interactive TV services which will provide opportunities for on-screen design groups in the future. The news follows the announcement by interactive TV service Open about new content providers to be hosted on its home-shopping platform for SkyDigital. The new providers confirm they are yet […]

Bank on Bradford & Bingley

Bradford & Bingley will list itself as a bank next year, despite the recommendation of its board of directors. But resulting changes to its branding are unclear.

Game of two halves for creative hotshots

As proud supporters of Centrepoint, London’s charity for young homeless people, Tutssels and Lambie-Nairn are helping to raise money with the first ever Creative Cup, a 5-a-side indoor soccer tournament for the design industry. Taking place on the evening of 21 May at Spitalfields indoor market, this unique contest will see the cream of the […]


Getting inside the knickers of a page 3 model is many blokes’ ultimate fantasy (apparently). So on hearing that a charity for Kosovan orphans had some high profile underwear available, the boys at Wiltshire-based Storm took immediate action. Managing director George Martino and two creative directors, Alex Bane and Spencer Buck, bid 325 for a […]

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