Cog Design tunes up Barbican Music Guide

Cog Design has redesigned the Barbican’s Music Guide, a thrice-yearly guide available this week, covering the venue’s non-classical music events.

Scheduled to coincide with the seasons of spring, summer and autumn, Cog will design the brochures for the next two years. Cog’s brief was to redesign the latest brochure, reasserting previous Barbican motifs. These include ensuring that ‘artist imagery’ appears on the cover and the venue’s architecture is displayed.

According to Cog managing director Michael Smith, ‘The Barbican has spent a long time changing its offer from a classical to a contemporary music venue.’

The latest brochure design brought a number of challenges for the design group. The Barbican’s newly opened, revamped interiors by architect Allford Hall Monaghan Morris made the photography a challenging prospect.

‘We had to use an interior space which wasn’t going to change, but still gives the feel of the luxury of sitting in the Barbican,’ says Smith.

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