Anthony Burrill

Studio Skype

Imagine a Chinese whispers design brief, relayed from studio to studio, pinging back and forth between London and Berlin by way of Skype. magine designers leaving behind their commercial practice, developing their own briefs and extending their ideas into a space to produce a three-dimensional object. That was the challenge set by London’s Inventory Studio […]

Portrait from Alex Box’s collaboration with Rankin

Skin deep

Ever seen the beauty of acne, or the fine patterns painted on the body by psoriasis? John Stones looks forward to two exhibitions that explore skin, that most versatile of membranes, in its historical and medical – as well as artistic – context. There’s a lot more to body art than tattoos, it seems

Animated film by The Neighbourhood


Clients increasingly have to consider the impact of their brand properties across a range of media platforms, so it makes economic sense to invest in animation at the early stages of any identity project. Anna Richardson talks to leading practitioners about the benefits of keeping things moving

Valerie Casey

Profile: Valerie Casey

Fed up with media hype about Green issues and increasingly disillusioned with the ethics of product design, this former Ideo luminary is rallying creatives and other specialists around a global sustainability accord. Gina Lovett talks to her


An Apple employee apparently left an in-development iPhone in a bar. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever lost, and why?

We support the ideas behind this healthcare design body

Although I was invited to the Young Foundation meeting about its plans to set up an Institute of Healthcare Design, I was unable to attend and have not been advising them, contrary to the report in Design Week (News, DW 22 April). However, Frances Sorrell and I have long been convinced of the power of […]

Drop the logo and you risk confusing the consumer

No need for a logo? So what is there left to distinguish the company name? I have to disagree with Simon Manchipp’s thoughts regarding the rise of the brand world (Insight, DW 1 April). After recently graduating from the University of Portsmouth I focused on semiotics for my major project, and therefore feel I am […]

Gatwick Airport Pier 3

Wayfinding is about more than just signs

As your recent article points out (Seamless Flow, DW 22 April), good wayfinding helps us to navigate in a way that is ’clear, visible and intuitive’. The transport sector, without question, has a particularly tough job to make this happen. However, it’s worth pointing out that wayfinding involves a lot more than signage. It relies […]

Inspired: Mickey Stretton – Utile & Beau

What’s not to love about Richard Buckminster Fuller? OK, his habit of wearing three watches may not have caught on, and his penchant for white suits may not be to everyone’s taste, but who can’t identify with someone who makes up words to describe exactly what he means? Eccentic? Probably. Visionary? Almost certainly. His Dymaxion […]

Best of the Web Brand Republic’s Red, Yellow and Blue Blog looks at news and views on party campaigns in the run-up to the General Election. The Partners chief executive Jim Prior discusses Conservative Party leader David Cameron’s ideas for the Big Society, which he tested out at a Ted session back in February. We like Mike […]

Angus Greig

For FCSD’s sake…

The Chartered Society of Designers’ push for an accreditation scheme is rather anachronistic, suggests Adrian Shaughnessy. Surely there are more relevant issues it should be looking into?

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