6 November 1997


English & Pockett has redesigned a series of on-screen idents for Discovery Channel Europe. Launched on 1 November, the six core idents intend to ‘personalise the brand by giving it

Too much of too much

On my kitchen wall is a framed page ripped from a copy of Viz featuring a facsimile cover of a glossy Condé Nast-type title.

Corporations join the name game

Naming work is mushrooming as companies increasingly opt to merge and rebrand their operations, often leading to an entirely new name. Last week Guinness and Grand Metropolitan – formerly known

Liberty Re

The US’s biggest insurance company Liberty Mutual Group launched a reinsurance company on Wednesday. The global identity for Liberty Re is by The Team.

Branding bravery should be applauded

I feel angry and sad over Marcello Minale’s letter regarding British Airways’ identity (DW 24 October). – Angry because comments such as this do so much damage to our profession.


Software company Logica has a new identity following its acquisition of Irish telecommunications systems specialist Aldiscon. The logo for Logica Aldiscon was designed by Paper White. Design Bridge has redesigned

Upright look for chocolate

Central European chocofiles are in for a treat this week when Suchard launches a range of new-look chocolate bars in Hungary as part of a re-evaluation of the company’s branding.

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