Thatcher’s disapproval is a good sign for a modern identity

In the year that curry overtook fish and chips as Britain’s most popular food, isn’t it wonderfully appropriate that Margaret Thatcher should have so enthusiastically endorsed the new British Airways identity (Letters, DW 24 October)? After all, isn’t she the very embodiment of all the old school Britishness that BA (not to mention the electorate) have turned away from.

Her “handbagging” does indeed “go to the heart of the matter” and far from being concerned, Bob Ayling should see this as a clear sign that his marketing department has got the brief right.

Minale is also right. BA does want to be an international British company which at a guess is where the red and blue symbol on the white fuselage and the words British Airways play a part.

I would, however, question his assumptions that: “We like to fly Lufthansa because of German reliability and engineering, Swiss Air for punctuality.” Are these not minimum requirements for an airline? Should our choices not be based on quality of service and comfort or value for money even? I wonder what reason Minale would give for flying AlItalia? Global and caring?

Ted Briscoe


Edward Briscoe Design

London SE1

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