6 November 2003

Spencer du Bois engineers look

The Engineering Employers’ Federation this week unveils a refreshed identity created by Spencer du Bois. The new look comes as the organisation, now known as EEF, seeks to reflect the

Groups upload photolibrary image

Photolibrary Imagedate is to update its identity and on-line presence, to be created collaboratively by Saturday and Poke, as the company seeks to compete more effectively with leading rivals like

CJ Lim has another book out

Fans of outlandish architecture and design will be pleased to know Studio 8 founder CJ Lim has another book out. You may recall his three-volume series Realms of Impossibility: Air,


Textile designer Anne Sutton’s work is showcased during Weaving, Wit and Logic. The exhibition, which is on until 18 January 2004, explores the development of her 50-year career and includes

Voller Energy launches portable fuel cell

British start-up company Voller Energy launches its portable fuel cell, the VE100, in January next year, with product design by Therefore. Billed as the world’s first hand portable fuel cell

Make it big

Large-scale store graphics are a cost-effective way to make an impact, says Pamela Buxton

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