Not wanting to appear clichéd, but seeing the movie Blade Runner back in the 1980s left a lasting impression on me – everything from the teenage aspirations of the unconventional hero and the ground-breaking sci-fi film-making, through to its futuristic architecture.

The cult legacy of the film stayed with me at university, where I explored the storytelling of Ridley Scott’s classic. The experiential nature of the film, which fuses together Vangelis’ soundtrack, architecture and iconic dialogue, really inspired me.

Delving further into Blade Runner started my interest in architecture and form. Rick Deckard’s apartment had used the Ennis House in Los Angeles. Originally created in 1924 by Frank Lloyd Wright, it is a building which triggered my fascination with questioning how to create something memorable, effortlessly simple and innovative. The concept of the house is based around a Mayan temple. Using modular-concrete interlocking Art Deco ‘textile’ blocks is truly inspired – I would have loved to have been at that first concept presentation.

Luckily enough, this summer I was able to visit the house and appreciate it in the flesh. What strikes you is the sheer scale of the building set into the hillside – the audacity of such a statement is certain to inspire you.

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