A1 Grand Prix graphics take the chequered flag

Clare Dowdy’s piece on livery design in the new A1 Grand Prix series (DW 22 September) raised some interesting viewpoints.

Sheikh Maktoum H Al Maktoum should be congratulated for the thoroughness with which he has set out the whole design ethos of this new series.

As the design group responsible for A1 Team Ireland, we too were aware of the need to reflect national colours, but were keen to avoid crude swirls and swashes.

By using Irish Green, a colour that echoes the first Jordan Grand Prix car of 1991 – complemented by subtle pinstripes in orange and white – inspired by the JPS Lotus Grand Prix cars of the 1970s – we feel we have created a classic livery, with a mature balance of design elements.

We are proud to play our part in this innovative new series.

John Bailie, Managing director, ImageCreative, Thornton Cleveleys, FY5 5HH

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