BBC weighs up design of interactive interface

The BBC is considering commissioning a consultancy to design a user interface for My BBC Player service, which allows users to legally download programmes screened over the past seven days via the Internet.

The service is expected to launch next year and will also make audiovisual footage available from the BBC archive.

‘We are in explanatory talks about developing an interface for the My BBC Player,’ confirms a spokesman for the organisation.

My BBC Player builds on the functionality of the BBC’s existing interactive media application, iMP. This service launched last week and is currently being trialled among 5000 consumers.

Data will be collected to reveal viewing habits, such as who is using the service and when, as well as which programmes are proving to be popular. The findings will then be presented to the BBC board of governors at the start of next year, when a decision about whether to roll out iMP as a fully-fledged service will be made, says the BBC spokesman.The move forms part of a wider initiative by the BBC to give viewers multi-platform, on-demand access.

Media player service developments are being credited with establishing the equivalent of an ‘iTunes’ for the broadcast industry, enabling an audience to interact with TV and radio programmes on their own terms.

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