GMTV unearths new look Diggit

Digital TV channel GMTV’s early morning kids’ show Diggit is getting a facelift prior to its autumn season, which airs on 1 September.

The GMTV channel bears no relation to the early morning strand on ITV. In-house designer Anthony Howells has redesigned the set following the programme’s move to larger studios in Teddington. The set will incorporate a sofa constructed from 12 video screens, a modular seating area, a ‘pet pad’ area and a radio-controlled robot dog carrying a mini-cam.

Howells has worked alongside freelance graphic designer Denis Harris, who has created a series of graphics and mobile phone text message-style stings.

The refreshed set will also include a communications centre: individual ‘pods’ where the studio audience can interact with the show live. For example, they will be invited to man studio phones to take calls from viewers at home.

Howells is also introducing a video phone to enable home viewers to be filmed from their homes.

‘The start of a season is always a good opportunity to try something new,’ says a GMTV spokeswoman.

GMTV incorporates a mix of live presenters, Disney cartoons and celebrity guests.

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