Lippincott helps financial services group Principal offer “human embrace”

Lippincott rebrands Principal and softens the brand to make it more approachable and optimistic to combat “customer inertia”.


Lippincott has overhauled the brand of financial services provider Principal and created a logo inspired by “human embrace”.

Principal, which was founded in 1879, is a consumer-facing brand and as a company looks to offer “protection and financial well-being” through retirement, insurance, and asset management solutions.

Recently the company has diversified its offer and now operates in 70 countries and so turned to Lippincott to find a new way to express this.

Reducing complexity

Lippincott senior partner Michael D’Esopo says the new identity “provides greater unity and consistency so Principal can present itself as one global brand”.

The logo form takes inspiration from “a human embrace” while outlining “a clear path towards progress”, according to D’Esopo.

Meanwhile the “P” has been designed to “reduce complexity” for customers and to soften the brand.

Biggest competitor – customer inertia

The wordmark and type have been designed to offer a more “humanistic and optimistic” outlook, while a new blue has been introduced to the same end.

Lippincott partner Adam Stringer says: “Research showed us that the biggest competitor to the business is customer inertia – simply people finding financial products overwhelming so we’ve tried to make it all a lot more accessible.”

The asset management side of the business has been considered and Stringer says the brand has been designed to look serious and professional to reconcile this.

“The logo can be seen as shell-like and has a mathematical feel. The way it spirals out feels like a perfect formula,” according to Stringer who says the logo is one part of a “written, visual and verbal” translation of the company’s purpose.

The old logo
The old logo


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