Third Eye pattern for Begg Scotland brand

Glasgow consultancy Third Eye Design has created the identity for cashmere manufacturer Begg Scotland, repositioning the company as a dedicated fashion brand.

Begg Scotland will begin marketing itself as a fashion name in the US, before targeting Japan and other international markets. Previously, the company created cashmere accessories for production by other fashion houses.

Third Eye Design has produced a palette that will be applied to a brochure, a press pack and exhibition material, also by the consultancy. The branding uses ‘classic’ photography, but the models’ faces are decorated with patterns to make the images memorable.

‘We wanted to push the innovative side of our business, without losing tradition and heritage. That became our brief for Third Eye,’ says Begg Scotland sales director Ian Pryde.

In 2001, Third Eye Design rebranded Begg Scotland from its previous identity as Alex Begg & Co (DW 6 September 2001).

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