Time to leave England’s old baggage in the past…

In response to the Design Week Voxpop asking which country I would like to rebrand and why (DW 24 March), I think it would have to be England. I am not talking about redesigning the flag, the Cross of St George, but what the flag stands for.

I travel all over the world in my work and I feel I carry many brands with me. I am a global citizen, a European, a Brit and, of course, an Englishman. But it is the latter that for me carries more baggage than benefit.

I say baggage because that is what it is – old paradigms of pomposity rather than pride; a Victorian era of greatness rather than a contemporary vision of a new future.

This is not just a brand image I would like to change, it is one we are going to have to change if we are to endear ourselves to global partners and be once again seen as a land of opportunity.

Jonathan Sands, Chief executive, Elmwood, London W1

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