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Amanda Lake continues her monthly selection of graphics projects which feature striking illustration and photography

Photographer Jason Tozer collaborated with Dolphin to shoot the Liverpool nightclub Cream’s latest advertising literature. Dolphin’s creative director Rob Petrie explains how Tozer got involved. ‘For the Cream campaign we use a variety of photographers, but for this particular shot we chose Tozer because he is one of the few guys we know who has utmost control over very technical images. Tozer produces strong, unusual, fresh contemporary images. In this case we wanted to show a patriotic summery image with the Cream logo.’

Jason Tozer Tel: 0171-833 8141.

Matthew Herring designed the book jacket illustration for the novel Hard, soft & wet by Melanie McGrath. Lee Motley, senior designer of Harper Collins commissioned Herring. ‘He had been into Harper Collins previously to show his portfolio. I liked his work so I waited for an appropriate job to come up, which was the book jacket.

It was as simple as that.’

Matthew Herring Tel: 0181-441 1674.

US illustrator Dave Cutler was commissioned by The Partners to produce artwork for the Coutts annual review 1996. Cutler was briefed to enliven each headline by taking a number of key statements and translating them into images. James Beveridge, a partner with The Partners, chose Cutler because ‘of his ability to translate business objectives and strategies into stunning visual illustrations’.

Dave Cutler c/o agent Rick Goodall Tel: 0181-906 2288.

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