Landor sees the light for Philips packaging

Landor has redesigned the packaging for Philips Lighting’s entire range of consumer light bulbs, introducing a window device into the boxes for easier recognition.

The previous packs were designed by the then Michael Peters Group. “Philips’ brand identity was a mess with no cohesive design,” says Landor design director Alison Cane of the earlier packaging. “On shelf it was bland and boring,” she adds.

Research discovered that consumers associate lighting with quality of life, giving Philips the opportunity to keep rivals at bay by building emotional values into the new brand, according to a Landor spokeswoman.

The packs feature abstract images, suggesting light as the source of all colour. Landor couldn’t touch the Philips logo, Cane adds.

The new design had to work hard against own-label and other brands. Product recognition, through the window device, and clear information on packs were also key elements in the redesign.

Landor worked with physical packaging consultancy Innovators on the new structural packaging and created seven colour- coded product categories: Classictone, Softone, Spotone, Ecotone, Halotone, Practitone and Partytone.

The new designs have been launched across Europe and were introduced on shelf in the UK last week. Philips is now extending the range globally.

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