Metropolis 88 takes the biscuit

Unilever’s bakery division Arkady Craigmillar is launching a themed range of US indulgence products. Packaging, name-generation and point-of-sale design are by Metropolis 88.

Frank Brady’s Ingestibles will be sold from jukebox-style display cabinets in brushed steel at Alldays stores.

The brand is intended to look like an established US product, and harks back to 1950s design, says Scott Martin, head of branded concepts at Arkady Craigmillar.

Metropolis 88 marketing director Matthew Bright adds: “We wanted to create a character out of Frank. We want people to think it has just arrived from the US.”

The 12-strong range includes doughnuts and stuffed muffins. Metropolis 88 came up with names such as Yankie Doodle Strudel.

Design House’s interiors for Lyndale Foods’ 230-strong bakery chain are due to roll out from September (DW 14 February).

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