Shortlist for Barclays identity

Landor and Newell and Sorrell are included on a “short shortlist” drawn up by Barclays Bank to design a new corporate identity. At least one other consultancy is thought to have made it to this stage of the selection process.

Both consultancies decline to comment on their position, but a spokeswoman for Barclays confirms, “Yes, we are talking to those people, and to a number of others – not just about branding, but about other things too.”

A redesign would see the banking giant attempt to strengthen its brand in the face of increasing competition from new entrants to the financial services market.

Meanwhile, competitor Lloyds/ TSB confirms it is developing a joint branch concept which will be introduced to the high street in trial form later this year (DW 4 July). “The facia will say Lloyds/ TSB,” says a bank spokeswoman.

Branches of both banks will operate separately within the same building. Changes to elements of design such as the famous black horse symbol are being considered. “All these details are under discussion,” says the spokeswoman.

She will not name the design group responsible for the interiors, but Wolff Olins confirms it is working for Lloyds/TSB on unspecified projects.

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