7 August 2003

Is Tube brief a load of hot air?

London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s £100 000 ‘reward’ for designing an air conditioning system for the capital’s deep-level Tube trains has failed to strike a chord with product designers. The Greater

Building up interest

Paul Murphy hopes the forthcoming BBC series Restoration will get the public thinking about design’s role in the public domain once again

BBC Broadcast collaborates with Mother

BBC Broadcast has collaborated with ad agency Mother to rebrand cable channel UK Gold. The new-look graphics feature an icon, designed by BBC Broadcast, to ‘hallmark’ the output as ‘gold

Switched on to branding

Richard Clayton finds out why British designers feel there’s more opportunity for television branding briefs to be inspiring when they’re sourced from overseas

Design Nation launches catalogue

Design Nation launches a catalogue at Decorex International in September, showcasing the work of 130 product designers. Designers featured include architectural glass designer Karen Lawrence (kiln cast glass pictured); ceramicist

Vox Pop

Research shows that the concerns of the over-50s have changed over recent years (News Analysis, DW 31 July). What would you say are their priorities now?

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