Graduates too busy travelling miss out on work placements

I have read many letters over the years bemoaning the lack of opportunities for graduates trying to get a start in the design industry.

This year we decided to offer eight graduates a placement, with a view to taking one of them on as a full-time junior in September. We attended DA&D New Blood, New Designers and the degree show at University College for the Creative Arts in Farnham.

A shortlist was confirmed and the graduates were e-mailed and offered one week’s paid work experience. I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed by the response.

In three weeks we had three responses. I understand that graduates probably want to spend some time travelling or relaxing after finishing their finals. However, I’m amazed that, having gone to the trouble to exhibit their work, they have not at least checked their e-mails. I know that if I advertised this position, I would get between 150 to 200 applications. I’d like to wish them every success in finding a full-time position – but not with us.

Chris Hoskins, Ellipsis, by e-mail

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  • catherine fisher November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Dear Sir,

    I was at Bath Spa University studying Fashion and Textiles this year as a graduate and my work was exhibited at New Designers exhibition.
    Since graduating I have been applying non-stop to everything and anything in the design industry, over 100 jobs online and sent letters off to companies and ringing up head offices. As far, know body has had the courtesy to phone me back or reply to my enquiries.

    I am a willing, hard working and set high standards for myself. If I had heard from you I would have replied straight away. Good luck with finding a suitable graduate.



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