Inspired, Nicholas Saunders: Illustrator

When looking for inspiration I always find myself looking at a person’s process – what they have been through or what lengths they have gone to in order to produce a final outcome.

I have chosen Hot Bed Press as the subject for my inspiration. Hot Bed Press is a print studio based in Manchester. This place is a hive for printmaking in the North West and it teaches many different print processes, from screen-printing to acid etching.

There is so much creative freedom in the field of printmaking. The studio allows you to encounter a multitude of disciplines and processes, which you would never have considered before.

People from all sorts of different backgrounds use the print studio – everyone from resident artists to working professionals. With this diversity you come to see a cross-section of very exciting work.

The print process inspires me because each print I make is different is some way, no two are ever exact. There is room for mistakes, which gives the work personality and a sense of place that you could never achieve with digital prints.

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