Animal magic works wonders

London consultancy Bosworth Field has a new colleague named Jasper. He’s already impressed designers with his knowledge of BarkXPress and FreePaw 5.

Now all five members of staff are in love.

Silky black Jasper prefers the consultancy’s Mies van der Rohe chairs to Battersea Dogs Home, his address of three weeks ago. At night he goes home with director Alan Binding, whose doggy devotion beats Jasper’s any day.

“Top psychologists say dogs relieve stress, and we’ve proved it,” says Binding. “Our office is so mellow it’s unbelievable”.

He was concerned about a visit from a big client last week. “I arranged for Jasper to be looked after, but the client insisted he was there for the entire day. We were a little concerned when they both disappeared at lunchtime, but the client swore they had been negotiating a big job in the park.”

Jasper obviously enjoyed the recent chair extravaganza Sit 95. And he is looking forward to taking in Fetch 96.

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