Clients aren’t as dumb as designers think

We were interested to read about ourselves (DW 17 November) after our supplier, Horseman Cooke, had obviously been in touch with you.

The write-up was very kind, but we could have done without the final sign-off criticising the wigs. It may come as a surprise to Mike Horseman but we did notice that the wigs did not fit in the boxes. That is why we sent them only to balding friends and a few others who we thought might appreciate them, including those with a sense of humour.

The more serious point is that it comes across yet again as a designer being rather cross that a client has spoilt “his” project – which may be your design journalist’s slant more than Horseman’s real view. A little more supplier humility and a little less prima donna arrogance from designers would be appropriate in these customer-oriented days. And that is not just our view but the view of many of our customers – major City and financial institutions included – who have to work with designers.

We do enjoy working with some designers who are realistic, customer-oriented and creative, but sadly they are a rare breed.

David Jevons

Making Impressions

London WC1

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