Pakistan poster fires a deadly accurate line

Crombie Anderson director Jacquie Edwards recently visited Pakistani city Lahore to run a week-long poster workshop for local graphic designers.

The theme was tolerance, a quality so strongly admired by the British Council that it organised the trip, and set up a poster competition to tackle visual communication for social change.

And while all the participants may have been keen to practice visual peace and lerve, the locals had other, less passive, ideas.

Jacquie was slumbering after a hard day’s harmonising when she heard gunshots. It was a murder – only 180m from her hotel.

According to Jacquie, the source of discord was a dancing girl. Two Romeos could not agree to differ.

And it obviously affected one of the designers, who created this poster highlighting the fact that tolerance is impossible where guns are available.

Perhaps it should be stuck up outside Lahore’s more raucous nightspots.

There’s something fishy about architects Dean Smith and Greg Pope. Their interior for new London sportswear shop Sam de Teran feature a large tropical fishtank – with a square peephole. Through it, if you so wish, you can watch customers wriggling into exquisitely cut swimwear. It’s also possible to see your reflection in the fishtank from the changing room. ‘So you can see what it looks like in water as well as out,’ explains Smith, whose low-key, impeccably minimal interior is otherwise quirk-free.

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