Tim Poulson heads up new service NOVO

Former YRM chief executive Tim Poulson is joining forces with facilities and infrastructure company the Symonds Group to set up NOVO – which Poulson describes as “an architectural services company”.

NOVO will open for business in February with 10 to 12 designers from architectural backgrounds. None follow Poulson from YRM, where he was deputy chairman before resigning in April.

“I’m trying to redefine what good architectural service is about. We want manufacturers and suppliers to be more involved with the design process,” says Poulson.

NOVO is forming a working association with London interiors group Morey Smith. “Our designers will have interiors experience, but we’ll draw on Morey Smith for specialist jobs,” says Poulson.

Miller Hare will provide computer graphics skills for NOVO.

“Design management will be high on our priority list, with former Hawk Development Management director John Finlay focusing on this,” adds Poulson.

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