DT says One2One brand will stay

Telecoms giant One2One denies that its mobile telephone brand is to be scrapped by Deutsche Telekom and re-branded as Deutsche Telekom’s own mobile operation, T-Mobile.

Reports suggest Deutsche Telekom aims to consolidate its brands into a single unit and that One2One will be dropped because it has no presence outside the UK. It is understood that the launch early next year of the international T-Mobility Web portal is testing the water for the T-Mobile brand in the UK.

Meanwhile, One2One’s incumbent brand design consultancy, FutureBrand Worldwide, declines to comment about any work on the T-Mobile brand. The branding consultancy was appointed in June by One2One, following the network’s acquisition by Deutsche Telekom last year for £11bn (DW 16 June).

“There are no plans to move away from this One2One master brand strategy,” says One2One marketing director Tim Yates.

“We are continually evolving our brand strategy, and have recently made moves to reinforce our commitment to the master brand by eliminating sub-brands such as More2Say and Up2You,” he adds.

The One2One brand has come under pressure recently because of its connection with the Virgin brand. Virgin Mobile uses the One2One network to operate its own business.

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