Lambie-Nairn style for Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 is introducing a new identity, designed by the corporation’s incumbent brand design consultancy Lambie-Nairn. It aims to launch in early February to coincide with the first stage of the station’s website redesign.

According to a Radio 1 source, the new logo will shed the existing tape-deck icons – including rewind and stop buttons – and introduce something simpler, with a greater visual impact.

Lambie-Nairn declines to comment about its involvement in the project. It has long worked as the BBC’s lead branding consultancy and created the BBC logo, launched in 1997 and used across all the corporation’s activities. Earlier this year, it recently re-branded BBC World – the 24-hour international news and information channel.

– Lambie-Nairn has re-branded music and comedy channel UK Play, which becomes PlayUK. The group has created an onand off-air brand identity which aims to differentiate the channel from others under its parent UKTV umbrella, including UK Gold and UK Drama, and appeal to its youth audience.

The on-air ident features images of colourful, moving soundwaves from which the words PlayUK emerge. This is developed for the off-air marque.

According to Lambie-Nairn creative director Brian Eley: “We wanted to develop the idea of the ‘sound’ of music and comedy on Play. We generated visuals that react to sound using oscilloscopes and graphic equalisers. It’s basically great fun.”

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