7 December 2006

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In 1978 I was fortunate enough to meet Abram Games. I was a student and he was my hero. I didn’t know at the time, but I was just about


WMH plans to diversify under Loewy ownership

Williams Murray Hamm has outlined its ambitions to enter new design disciplines, following its acquisition by Loewy Group last Friday, revealed on www.designweek.co.uk.Loewy acquired WMH in a three-year, earn-out deal

GRiD Compass

Profile: Bill Moggridge

As the Godfather of interactivity, deisgner of the first laptop and co-founder of Ideo, Bill Moggridge would be forgiven for putting his feet up. Instead he has been busy on

Petra Borner

Christmas crackers

It’s the year’s most dissected, chewed-over piece of graphic communication. If it’s for a client, the designers won’t get sign-off for weeks, ‘as every single person in the company will

Bethnal Green tube

Found forms

For type designers, a long-standing source of inspiration is fast disappearing. The stultifying, commercialised homogeneity of the Western European high street, with a Starbucks on every corner, has not only

Second Life Shopping

Material world

Web2.0 is here and the surrounding hype shows no sign of dying down. The latest focus is Second Life, a virtual world where people bored of their real life can

National Waterfront Museum, Swansea

Unlocking the vaults

No longer are archives private, dusty affairs, requiring special permission for access. Where once interactivity was the buzz word in museum design, now it is archives and how institutions can

RHM buy-out puts roster in question

Consultancies on the RHM design roster have yet to be contacted about their future relationship with the company, following this week’s agreement of a £1.2bn acquisition of RHM by Premier

Voxpop: Design Effectiveness Awards

There were murmurings at this year’s Design Business Association Design Effectiveness Awards that some of the most effective designs were less aesthetically attractive. Why do some designers feel affronted by


Wherefore art thou?

If anonymity is the key to the Bard’s appeal, maybe we should train our critical eyes to ignore what we think we know about design. I’m in the throes of

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