Hurricane gives Derwent pencils global relaunch

Hurricane has rebranded the entire Derwent coloured pencil range, which is unveiled this week, for a five-figure sum.

Manufacturer Acco briefed the consultancy to look at all aspects of the Derwent brand, which has not been redesigned for ten years, including the identity, pencil livery and packaging as well as structural packaging for selected sub-brands.

Both client and consultancy decline to name the exact fee for the global project, but it is a pessimistic five-figure sum, according to Acco UK packaging manager Paul Brunning.

The rebrand had to appeal to Derwent’s wide consumer following, including hobbyists, amateur artists and professionals. It was briefed to continue the brand’s tradition and combine it with a contemporary design approach, Brunning comments.

Hurricane had to ensure consistency across more than 50 packs, from core pencil ranges to niche products such as pastels, charcoal and graphite, says Hurricane managing director David Myerson.

The consultancy also had to take into account around six or seven different packaging sizes and pack formats, he adds. The logo will be reworked slightly.

Hurricane was appointed following a two-way, unpaid credentials and concepts pitch against Campbell Aylin Design and Davies Hall. Previous consultancies which had worked with Derwent, including Interbrand and SiebertHead, were not considered for the work early on, says Brunning.

‘We wanted to work with a smaller consultancy which could provide direct access to senior partners, as the project is more intimate,’ he says.

Brunning describes Derwent as a fine art product. ‘We wanted to reflect its virtues through the packaging,’ he adds.

The range is set to be rolled out globally by the end of 2002.

Hurricane worked with several illustrators on the packs themselves, including Rosie Saunders, Ruth Palmer, Simon Jones, Sharif Tarabay, DN Sykes and Adam Abel.

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